Monday, December 31, 2007


So I was intent on not picking up my laptop while on vacation because the temptation to work was too much. But unfortunately it also meant that I was a slacker on posting best wishes to Matt on his birthday and Jake and Toni for their anniversary. But I think I sufficiently made up for it by allowing them to win at Scrabble once or twice. The things I do for my family...

At any rate, it has been a wonderful year for our family. Both our small unit and the family at large ( No, Matt, that was not another "fat" comment ). We played games with our kids tonight while we had a feast of snacks. Even Jacob got into the spirit as he sat up to the table and muttered inaudibles while slamming bananas. Then we adjourned to the parlor for a movie. It is 10:04 and Morgan is out. She explained that she could not wait any longer and had to go to sleep. Emily is still awake and intent on staying up till Midnight to exclaim "Happy New Year", as she puts it "like those people in New York who stand in the street and watch the fireworks".

Hope this new year finds you happy and well and treats you good, because you deserve it.
I am suppose to start using the elliptical machine this new year, we'll see...

love ya
Sister Sarah

Friday, December 28, 2007

The first step is admitting you have a problem...

RockBand has finally infected this house. Jessica's brothers got one for their xbox for Christmas. They haven't stopped playing it since...
The most addicted is ... Jessica... As you can see, she fancies herself a drummer (and in case you're wondering that's 'Run to the Hills', her new favorite song)

Then if that's not enough, she's enabling others...

At least he knows how to dress the part...

I'll need to keep Annie away from all of this before she turns into a groupie.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas from Sunny Arizona

Morgan Holiday Magic

Last night Morgan, Emily, and I were decorating gingerbread men.
Morgan was in the midst of decorating her gingerbread man and taking two Whopper Malt Balls said, "I know where I will put these, heheheh..."
So I glance over and feel myself hold my breath as there are only a few spots for her to place such shaped candies on the cookie. Like a good mother, I didn't restrict her creative work. See for yourself.....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Brithday Kenzie!

Happy Birthday Kenzie!
This was the only Picture I have of you.....oh, what?...This isn't you.......
oh well...close enough

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Lights

christmas tree
Originally uploaded by Heather Light
Merry Christmas from the Lights. Nothing like taking your Christmas photo having the camera propped up on the TV, leveled with paper napkins from last night's Jack in the Box. That's how we roll in Dayton.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

My boy Mitt

At least that is what my Presbyterian boss call him...."your boy Mitt, didn't do to shabby today"...."your boy Mitt this" and "your boy Mitt that"....
just thought I would post the link to his speech today as a point of interest.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ok, does this make me old?

Wandering through the mall on my lunch break today on the way to the food court, I started thinking about how my Christmas' have evolved. Now, this sounds like the start of a "uphill in the snow barefoot both ways" kinda story....but I'm not trying to be. Do you remember:

Fighting over Mom's plastic go-go boots to use as snow boots. They were tall (kept the water out), they had a long zipper on the side (made it easy to put them on and off), and they had a smooth plastic sole on the bottom for sliding down the hills. For my awkwardly shaped feet, they were as close to cowboy boots as I would ever get. If I remember correctly, we all had to fight for them, getting Mom to mediate between boot availability and foot size. I don't know what I'd think right about now if my son wanted to wear his mother's boots to go sledding.

Happy Birthday Jakers

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Kylie


("mmmm, Cake...good..")

Friday, November 30, 2007

In Memory

Daredevil Evel Knievel dies at 69

I could only think of the Evel Knievel toy one of the boys got for a birthday or Christmas....


Will gave me the idea of a interactive calendar so we know where people are or what they are doing. I also thought it is great to post birthdays.
I have sent everyone invites to share the calendar I created and it also should allow you to add events! The calendar is also live at the bottom of the blog.
I am so excited to see where everyone is going, what everyone is doing! I think it would be fun to add things like kids school events, games and Big Kids goings on and travel.

If you can't get in or add events, let me know and I will see if I can fix it.

lots of love

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Missionary Moment

I want to share an spiritual experience if I might. The store manager I work with, George Page, is not LDS, but his wife and kids are. They live on a street with five houses, all belonging to George's wife's family members (her dad gave them all an acre to build on). George is great guy, very humble, loves his family, talks about them often. I have become good friends with George over the past 4 months. His son Chad was called to a mission in Recife, Brazil in June. Naturally, George wanted to know from me all about Brazil and my mission experiences. So over the last 4 months I have been to his house, and talking at work about these experiences. Last night they set Chad apart at their home. He left today for the MTC in Sao Paulo. George invited me to this occasion, so I decided to pop in for a moment around 7 pm last night. I had no intention of butting in on their family moment, but from the moment I arrived until the Stake President showed up at 9 pm (they thought he was going to be early) I felt as one part of their family. George kept dissappearing at times, I found out later he was watching the MNF game (Dolphins Fan). Before they set Chad apart, George and his wife said a few words. All of Chad's uncles then got up into the circle to set him apart. I took a chair and sat down to watch. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Chad's grandma motioning me vigorously to get in the circle, I then noticed Chad peak around one of his uncles and motion me in. I wasn't exactly dressed for the part. But, none the less, I stood in. After the prayer, Chad hugged his mom, then grandma, then uncles, then to my surprise, he gave me a hug. At this point holding back tears was futile. Then, the stake president asked George to give the closing prayer as they all knelt down to pray. I found out earlier that in sacrament meeting the day before, George had given the closing prayer for the first time (Chad spoke), which was a hope that his wife had had for a long time. I told Chad not to worry about his parents because the Lord will work miracles with his family over the next two years.

I told George afterwards that it's times like these that are like fueling up at the gas station. He said, "ya, like the trainings we get through the Home Depot Training center!" I thought to myself, "close, but it's a little different ;)" Someday I know he will know what that feeling is.

Love you all

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dancing with the Stars...finale

Since the writers are on strike, I thought I would have a go at it:
I was thinking this would be more interesting if the partners were monkeys. Or maybe the partners were still humans, but there were live monkeys on the stage that resulted in a fun and hilarious malay of monkeys, high heels, tassels and fur.
Or may be we do away with the monkeys (stage crew may strike if they have to clean up Monkey poopies) and instead we strategically place Ninjas on the stage and brainwash the Ninjas to believe the dancing stars are a threat. "Slice, Dice, and Cha Cha and Shimmies in to fun!"
Ok Ok, so Ninjas may not be the best route, but I am sure there is some way we can make this show worthwhile to watch...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Girly Blog

My Sister in Law via Pyrahs has a blog that is fun and interesting. She was recently contacted by the Oprah Show because they had interest in her designer clothes she makes from home.
I like her blog and try to take inspiration from her on how to blog.
She also has posted some great ideas on crafts.
take a gander.

When did I become that woman...

When did I become that woman...
  • the one that decides the jeans are "clean enough" to wear but certainly have baby boogers and splatters from dinner on them from the night before...
  • the one that forgets to comb her hair...
  • the one that doesn't have any social qualms about wearing capri pants in to public with blatant disregard to the fact that she did not shave her legs in the last two weeks...
  • the one that would prefer stretchy material over fitted...
  • one that shops at thrift stores more than department stores...

when did I become so white trash?


Monday, November 19, 2007

Why I should never read books with Mormons

Setting aside my better judgment (and memories of past attempts, and screaming failures), I've joined two book clubs. The first book club is run by the Bishop's wife and consists primarily of Relief Society sisters. The second book club consists of a group of young mothers from the Primary, (of which I am the designated 'granny').

The Bishop's wife chose a book about Willard and Rebecca Bean; remarkable missionaries who served a 25 year mission for the church in Palmyra, New York. It was a poorly written (as well as sloppily edited) story about an AMAZING couple. Honestly! ???"a heard of sheep" Did they pay someone to proof-read that??

I finished the book, wishing the Beans could have entrusted their inspiring story to a more capable writer. THANK THE HEAVENS ABOVE!!! I said NNNNNNOTHING about this at the meeting. I sat on my hands, nodded agreeably, and inwardly congratulated myself for being capable of shutting my yap.

At the end of the meeting, the Bishop's wife CALLED THE AUTHOR! Everyone in the room had the privilege of asking him questions, and he willingly and enthusiastically provided answers. *blush* He was a lovely man, really. His voice sounded like Jim's. Say no more.

Just as I was AGAIN thanking the stars, the moon, and the sun above for keeping my opinions to myself, the Bishop's wife reveals the author is her beloved brother-in-law.......and the Beans are his direct ancestors. *picture Kathy....the size of a gnat*

Surely I wouldn't get into this sort of a pickle with the SECOND book club, right? :/ *sigh*

The book was Stephanie Meyer's Twilight; a charming teen-read about a girl who falls in love with a vampire. He loves her too. While Edward loves Bella, he'd also like to EAT her. Ok, even _I_ can appreciate the conflict there! *snicker*

How could this meeting go wrong? We weren't at church. It was a light story. Nothing controversial. Or, so I thought.

One of the more militant members of our group voiced her dislike of the book, stating it encourages our youth to keep secrets from their parents.

"How so?" Kathy asked.

"How SO?!?! How SSSSO?!?!" Jennifer spluttered. "Bella hides the fact that she is dating Edward. She doesn't even tell her FATHER!! I am SICK of books, aimed at our youth, that encourage them to be secretive and sneaky! And THIS?? Coming from a Mormon author??? I'm appalled!" This comment was followed by nervous titterings by the other group members.

And before she could STIFLE herself, Kathy blurted, "She wasn't hiding the fact that she was dating EDWARD......she was hiding the fact that she was dating a VVVVVVVAMPIRE!! Surely you can see the need for withholding such a detail! Besides, I don't think our notions of right, or wrong (to say nothing of morals) apply to vvvvvampires." At which point I excused myself from the table to refill my SUPERBIGGULPSIZEDCUP of Coca-Cola. *cough* *wicked snicker*

Perhaps I should stick to sitting on my hands, mouth taped shut, reading alone. I doubt I'll be asked back. *blush*

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Feelings of inadequacy

So, we had a Houston-type Boy Scout campout this weekend (in a city park, near a major highway, close enough to see the lights of Walmart, Gander Mountain, and 3 supermarkets). We set up tents between the tennis courts, RV parking, and basketball courts.

Sitting there making small talk with the rest of the fathers, the inevitable question of, "So, what do you do?" comes up. Soon after the words "mining engineer" leave my mouth, I wait for, "So, that's like a geologist, right?". Their eyes always glaze over, kind of like when you ask "How are you", and the guest begins to tell you how they really are.

Who else has jobs that they can't really explain with the words like "pilot, programmer, or priest"?

I only really liked this one for the opening theme song

Come on now, how many songs and movies have been written about environmental engineers??

Friday, November 16, 2007

So True

Just something to think about.

Thanksgiving according to Morgan

Morgan answered the following questions asked to her by a 3rd grader:
1. Where do you get the turkey? Morgan: from the store
2. What does the turkey look like? Morgan: a Peacock
3. Where do you cook a turkey? Morgan: from a pan
4. What does Mom or Dad put on the turkey? Morgan: salt
5. How long does the turkey cook? Morgan: 5 hours
6. How hot does the oven have to be? Morgan: Dangerous
7. What does the cooking turkey smell like? Morgan: smoke (Sarah: not sure how I feel about this one)
8. How do you know when the turkey is done? Morgan: when Mom and Dad call us
9. What else does Mom or Dad cook to go with the turkey on Thanksgiving? Morgan: a picnic
10. Whose job is it to clean up after dinner? Morgan: Mom and Dad

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Hudson!

Happy Birthday Hudson!
You are officially an internet superstar!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I got this from Jim...

Grant was supposed to be looking for the keys to his mother's car. I
suspected that he might have left them in the garage or even locked them
in the car so I took him out to look for them. But instead of looking
for the keys he grabbed a baseball bat and began walking around the
garage banging the bat on the concrete floor. After a minute or so of
this apparent diversion I said, "Grant! Are you helping to look for the
He replied, "Yes. If I bang on the floor the keys will vibrate and I
can hear them."
Clearly this boy is meant to become a physicist.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

True Happiness

Soon to by potty-trained Hudson had a potty-related accident on the carpet yesteday. His mother, trying to be loving as she scolded him, said, "Son, when you go pee-pee on the carpet it makes mommy really sad."
Her son thought for a moment before replying with a sad look, "Yeah, it makes mommy really sad..." His expression changes mid sentence to a devilish smile as he finishes, "... but it makes Hudson really happy!"

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

We're off to see the Wizard

The Arizona Pyrahs, formally of Iowa; formally of Idaho; soon to be Nevada residents, are off to Nevada this weekend. This trip has two parts. We are going up to see the new addition to the Light family and attend the blessing. Second objective is to find a home. We are looking at some sites and have a realtor lined up to help us out. Chris has been thoroughly, mental - I mean methodical on picking the right places to see and preparing for this decision. I, on the other hand, am very tactially oriented. I am anxious to see, smell, touch, and taste to make my decision. The reality is that we have been trying very diligently to make sure that we are prepared. Both temporally and spiritually. I don't think it was selfishly that we are trying so hard - you know just for the heavens to open up and pour out some blessings sort of thing, but really just so we are equipped for the choices and consequences that come our way. I have faith that the Lord will guide us, but I won't be naive to say there may be some trials along the way. I guess all this deep thinking is a result of my RS lessons these last few months. The Lord is really trying to teach me some lessons.I wondered if you might just keep us in your family prayers to help us along this new move. We truely are excited to get closer to family and be able to see, smell, touch, no tasting (that's gross) some familiar faces soon.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Grant in action (well sort of...)

I realize now, watching Grant play football, that I was never really as good as I thought I was at his age. I remember thinking how special I probably was, and that soon my coach would undoubtedly see my special football talents, and the NFL scouts would not be too far off. Don't get me wrong, Grant is starting at 6 (and doing reasonably well), while I didn't really start until 10 or 11, but there are certain similarities that make it too clear to ignore the resemblence.

First, we both play(ed) the same position - left end. It now occurs to me that this is the footbal equivalent of left field. The dissused reliquary for kids that are not quite clear on what it is they are supposed to be doing at any given time during the game. Second, I remember the hesitancy for impact (at least initially - until I got to like it) that is quite apparent in Grant. This tends to be a slight problem in a lineman. Finally, and I must point out that Grant is much younger than I was when I played and that he is also the only first grader on a team of 2nd and 3rd graders, Grant has a sense that his talents are lurking somewhere just below the surface, and at any moment they will emerge and the NFL scouts that happen to come to Dayton Elementary will be dazzled for sure.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Arizona - one more reason...

I believe that Arizona fosters the likes of Hell's Angels (based out of Mesa), the highest stolen car rate in the nation, and excessive LACK of use of blinkers. This is all brought on by the fact that Arizona refuses to answer to Day Light Savings.

For those of you who are not aware, Arizona does not move their clocks back in Fall and does not Spring forward. We stay the same time. So we are on Mountain time now.


Friday, November 2, 2007

Our halloween

Oh, how we've changed...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Joey

Happy Birthday Joey!

Oct 29th!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just a friendly reminder to visit the temple this month.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Jakers most Favorite time of the day:

realized that we haven't had much about him out to everyone, so thought we would post a couple of pics. Sometimes I think he rubs his dinner in his hair just so he can take a bath.
That's right JAKERS, Mommy is on to you.....

Thursday, October 25, 2007

my punkin

I am deciding between these two designs...
not sure what it says about me....
more cool ideas at this website : extreme pumpkins

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What kind of person are you?

How long does it take you to carve your Halloween pumpkin? Are you someone who cleans it out and then carves the face in a few minutes? Or do you spend most of the evening and into the next day making the face (and you use more than one tool)?

Monday, October 22, 2007

My Dilema

What do I do if I spot an endangered animal eating another endangered animal...who is was eating an endangered plant...?

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Sometimes parents can be too overzealous in talking up what their kids have done. Sometimes they aren't supportive enough and their kids think they don't care. But what do you do when you want to be supportive of your kids even when they do things beyond the edge of reason?

Yesterday, I went to check on Hudson, (Who has been learning to use the big-boy potty) who had been in the bathroom just a bit too long for a #1. When I opened the door (first clue something was amiss, he closed the door), he leaped up from the toilet, arms, face and chest completely soaking wet. I wasn't sure what to think so I busted up laughing and walked back out (Insensitive, I know but what can you do?). He was still shaken up from getting 'caught' and just stood there soaked. I went back in and plopped him in the shower just in case the water wasn't as clean as it looked.
Now... this isn't a new thing for him. He's been caught giving himself swirlies (he likes to hear the echo his voice makes when his head is in there) and swatting at his pee stream when ever he gets a chance (meaning, when no one is watching). But this time took it to a whole new level.
I guess I brought this on myself; I knew my progeny didn't have a fighting chance from this type of stuff.

But what do you do when your out among the other 50 parents with kids your same age (this is Utah, remember)? Someone will start with: "Little bobby just memorized the constitution last week", and then someone else adds, "Little Suzy just ran her first triathlon, and took second".

"Little Hudson successfully peed on four different household appliances with no hands" automatically puts him on the 'do not date my daughter in 13 years' list.

So when people ask me what's new with my kids I tell them "nothing to report" and quickly change the subject. Its for his own good. His 16 year old self will be thanking me someday for keeping these stories (relatively) to myself.

Nerds, Scientists, or Snake Oil Salesmen?

Sometimes I wonder about stuff like this... is it just a way to get my email address for spam or is there actual calculations going on?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

What I want to be when I grow up By Sarah Pyrah

In my last post I stated, I was "done" and "programmed". Somewhat true and mostly self denial. In reality, at the end of everyday I lay done to sleep and the day floods through my mind. Things I said, people's expressions, words I read, things I did wrong, people I love, and on and on the reel runs.
I was working on my RS lesson tonight and the first statement reminded me of this: "Determine where you are and what you need to do to be the kind of person you want to be. -Elder Joseph B Wirthlin "Life Lessons Learned" April 2007.
A long while back we had a Blattman reunion and the reunion motto was something like, Sometimes the longest way around is the shortest way home. There are days that I feel I just ran 20 miles but only made it 2 blocks. Life is hard, but I guess just because it is hard doesn't mean it can't be fun too.
I began thinking through the statement, though. Seems like the starting point; whether daily, weekly, or whatever; is important. "Determine where you are...". So I need to take a breath, meet the day and think: I am starting here. (Imagine a X marks the spot). And this spot is calm, this spot is reading my scripture, this spot is a morning prayer, this spot is kissing my kids goodbye and off to school with good feelings in their hearts, this spot is hugging Chris before he leaves and holding on just long enough that our breathing matches pattern, this spot is being happy with where I start...
"Determine...what you need to do to be the kind of person you want.." Seems pretty easy statement. But I just don't know every next step. I want to, ooh, I want to. Controlling every moment would make me very happy. But I am not sure knowing the steps are as necessary as my state of mind. I know I want to be kind, I know I what to be smart, I know I want to resourceful, I know I want to make a difference. Now I need to watch for the opportunities...and work on my availability and capability.
So I will say one more cliche "You can't get where you are going, unless you know where you have been..."
It is kind of like when you drive home from work, going the same way every night, oh the monotony. And at some point you become alert for a moment and can't remember if you stopped at that stop signal, was it red??!, or can't remember if you made that right turn, but you must have because you are now at this point....but there is a brief sense of panic...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Parent Teach Conferences

Chris and I went to Parent Teach conferences last night for Emily (2nd Grade) and Morgan (K-garten). Sometimes you walk in holding your breath and thoughts of strange stuff your kids do at home that you pray they did not do at school. Case in point: Morgan likes to fart and claim it, and Emily likes to read aloud VERY Dramatically.
Both are doing fine academically and the teachers gave us some good advice on how to help them get over some conceptual hiccups. Not the ones to be confused with cures of glasses of water, plugging noses, or eating peanut butter.
Both teachers complimented our kids on their kindness to others, their ability to make friends, and their focus to work. Morgan's teacher said that she loves to do projects and won't give up till it is done. Emily's teacher said similar statements.

I was very proud of them. "Their Mama [and Daddy] done brought them up right".

I told Chris that he and I are "done" and "programmed", not much you can change about us. The kids still have many years left to decide and gather information on who they will become. I just hope they get the right stuff and their firewall is built to block out the poo poo.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday to Autumn

I realized I missed your Birthday! But wanted to wish you a Happy one!
lots of LoVe from the Pyrahs!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Knighting Eyring

Since there is a lot of Mormon Folklore out there, I like this one since it has a photo to prove it:
Per Deseret News:
After President Hinckley finished with the sustaining of the officers of the church during the Saturday morning session, Elder Eyring had moved into his new seat on the stand. Unfortunately, they didn't show this on TV, but when President Hinckley turned around, he stood there for a moment looking at Elder Eyring (probably with the little twinkle in his eye), then picked up his cane and "knighted" him on his shoulder and head. Truly one of the funniest things I've ever seen him do.

My favorite Halloween

I don't know where the book came from, I think it was a Weekly Reader purchase. In my memory, I paid for it but I probably begged Mom and Dad for it (just like my kids do). It was a whole book on home-made versions of movie monster make up. I don't remember much about it, but there was one where we made wolfman fur by dipping cotton balls in unsweetened chocolate and then gluing it to your face with corn syrup. There was another were we made fangs from cheese wax, drying off your tooth and sticking it to the tooth (never stayed on for more than a couple of minutes). But the part I liked was the step by step, pictures of how to put each part of the Dracula makeup. The ultimate costume though was the guy with the melting face. It had cotton balls glued to your face with corn syrup, and then this oatmeal-like mixture than dripped and stucked to the cotton balls, making the face look all puffy and oozey. I think all of us that year go one or more versions of the costumes in the book.

I can remember going to the store with Mom, feeling weird as we walked through the makeup aisle, buying stuff for my costume (eyeliner, cold cream, etc). But, those were the best costumes of all time!

We lost the book (or maybe Mom threw it out, like a beloved dead goldfish) and since I don't remember the name of the book, I've never been able to replace it.

Frankenstein hands, XXXL softball uniforms, fake hobo cigars, or sequined MooMoos

How is it that we always found ways to dress up? Halloween was always our time to show off what we had already been working on and perfecting ALL YEAR.
I don't recall any of my friends having dress up bins complete with plastic Frankenstein hands, XXXL softball uniforms, fake hobo cigars, or sequined MooMoos.
*Come on guys, admit it, you remember those items.*
And the dress up was not limited to the bin o' misfits, it soon evolved to looking for clothes in closets, bathroom cupboards, and the garage.
Who knew you could create wonder with half a plastic kick ball and roll of scotch tape. We did, that's who....

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blogging accessibility

So I thought for the blogger beginners like unto myself it might be a good idea to clarify that anyone who registered based on their invite is allowed to post an entry or comment. I made invites based on emails that I had available to me, but if I forgot or did not have an email, send it to me and I will send the invite. I think I need one for Negin and Toni.
Don't hestitate to make a new POST, we would love to hear from everyone.
The POST option is at the top and the COMMENT option is available on each entry. You can POST something new or COMMENT on someone else entry and continue a conversation on that entry through comments.


Emily decided to go as Sharpay to the "High School Musical" theme B-day party.

The dress up clothes bin seems to come in handy in a pinch!

Monday, October 15, 2007

First time blogger

Once I got a ham radio license and started sending out cq cq cq (seek you), da di da dit, da da di dah. Then when someone came back I found I couldn't think of a single thing to say. I just sat there staring at the radio. I guess not much has changed for me in 35 years.
You would probably be embarrassed to know that I have been down at the river with my $7 yard sale bow and arrow with a string on it trying to shoot carp. I hesitate to tell people about my secret passion but it is fun. One has to be very stealthy in order not to frighten them. I've gotten off several shots but have nothing to carp about yet.

Sunday Low Down

Okay, so I added some pictures in the halloween spirit. Is that sacreligious to say Halloween Spirit?
Anyway, Will is off and running: showing off with his hotlinks and what not. Not everyone has to show their hotlinks on the first post entry....
Here is our Sunday Low Down, as I like to call it, the "stuff" that Sunday's are made of:

Morgan came home from church. After asking her to change her clothes, I asked her and Emily to pick up their scripture bags, shoes, and other misc childlike items. She got real excited and said, "Mom, that's service! I learned about service today at church. We watched a movie and this man got punched in the face, and all over and another man helped him and took him to a restaurant."I was impressed So I asked, "Did you learn about Jesus and why we do service?" She replied, "Yeah, Jesus was in the Movie too, but that movie was long and my eyes were getting tired and I don't remember after that."I love Morgan, she is a simple person who doesn't need a lot of entertainment to get to the point.On Sunday we discussed the gospel resevoirs in our family. As Chris and I prepare to move to Nevada, we have thought about the kids and the impact it will have on them. I felt comforted that our family would have the spiritual resevoiur we need as we move to make sure our children remain happy as long as we keep on the path that we are trying to so hard to be on.

Who's a booger?

At least I stopped picking them... So... home=springville, job=teacher(her) and fake engineer(me), kids=2(plus a live in nanny), and hobbies=disc golf and photography.
That's our life in once sentence. Beat that!

On a funnier note:
If you haven't seen this show, you should... Jake has and he's never looked back.
Hey team,
I know Will is a blogger, or as I might call them: Boogers. So thought it would be fun to use this as a what's what and who's who for family updates. I rarely get to talk to you all, but this would be awesome to exchange stories, updates, pics and news. I am sending out invites and you can register to blog away.