Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kiddo update

Where does the time go? ***sigh***

it feels like just the other day I was dragging my little Emily out of the dishwasher and out of my kitchen cabinets. Now I can hardly get her to help me put away the clean dishes out of the dishwasher.

Emily jumped in the car as I picked them up from school and informed me that she tried out for Honor Choir, and made it - ummmm...ok. Sometimes I marvel as her confidence levels.
Emily is also playing in a 5th & 6th grade league of volleyball and last night I watched her jump to block a ball at the net - what!!....ok....she is growing up. (granted her finger tips barely reached the top of the net) but she was ready. ( the Scott Pyrah family would have been proud)

Morgan has been asking "when is fast sunday?" for serveral months and wondering if she should get up to bear her testimony....each month fast sunday comes and goes as she decides she is too nervous. But last week, I got up and about 2 minutes later Morgan came up all by herself. She gave a great testimony that I think she practiced a million times in her head. Love that kid, that took so much courage for my little shy girl.

Jacob has been asking me things like "where is Jesus?" "Can he come to my birthday party?"
This usually leads to a discussion about earth, planets, and rockets....somehow...

Yesterday we were headed to the church for a Primary Pres. mtg and he said "Mom, Jesus made that church."
I replied, "Yep, He sends so many blessings so we can have the nice church."
Jacob, "Yep, and where is He? Can He come visit?"
"Not yet," I replied, "But Jesus will come again like He promised, and you will be able to meet Him."
Jacob, " I know! let's make a rocket and go visit Jesus!"

Sam is growing fast and has 3 teeth and one more incoming! He is pretty normal, so all systems are go! Loves him some cars and anything else left on the floor to stick in his mouth....my little human vacuum cleaner :)