Monday, November 19, 2007

Why I should never read books with Mormons

Setting aside my better judgment (and memories of past attempts, and screaming failures), I've joined two book clubs. The first book club is run by the Bishop's wife and consists primarily of Relief Society sisters. The second book club consists of a group of young mothers from the Primary, (of which I am the designated 'granny').

The Bishop's wife chose a book about Willard and Rebecca Bean; remarkable missionaries who served a 25 year mission for the church in Palmyra, New York. It was a poorly written (as well as sloppily edited) story about an AMAZING couple. Honestly! ???"a heard of sheep" Did they pay someone to proof-read that??

I finished the book, wishing the Beans could have entrusted their inspiring story to a more capable writer. THANK THE HEAVENS ABOVE!!! I said NNNNNNOTHING about this at the meeting. I sat on my hands, nodded agreeably, and inwardly congratulated myself for being capable of shutting my yap.

At the end of the meeting, the Bishop's wife CALLED THE AUTHOR! Everyone in the room had the privilege of asking him questions, and he willingly and enthusiastically provided answers. *blush* He was a lovely man, really. His voice sounded like Jim's. Say no more.

Just as I was AGAIN thanking the stars, the moon, and the sun above for keeping my opinions to myself, the Bishop's wife reveals the author is her beloved brother-in-law.......and the Beans are his direct ancestors. *picture Kathy....the size of a gnat*

Surely I wouldn't get into this sort of a pickle with the SECOND book club, right? :/ *sigh*

The book was Stephanie Meyer's Twilight; a charming teen-read about a girl who falls in love with a vampire. He loves her too. While Edward loves Bella, he'd also like to EAT her. Ok, even _I_ can appreciate the conflict there! *snicker*

How could this meeting go wrong? We weren't at church. It was a light story. Nothing controversial. Or, so I thought.

One of the more militant members of our group voiced her dislike of the book, stating it encourages our youth to keep secrets from their parents.

"How so?" Kathy asked.

"How SO?!?! How SSSSO?!?!" Jennifer spluttered. "Bella hides the fact that she is dating Edward. She doesn't even tell her FATHER!! I am SICK of books, aimed at our youth, that encourage them to be secretive and sneaky! And THIS?? Coming from a Mormon author??? I'm appalled!" This comment was followed by nervous titterings by the other group members.

And before she could STIFLE herself, Kathy blurted, "She wasn't hiding the fact that she was dating EDWARD......she was hiding the fact that she was dating a VVVVVVVAMPIRE!! Surely you can see the need for withholding such a detail! Besides, I don't think our notions of right, or wrong (to say nothing of morals) apply to vvvvvampires." At which point I excused myself from the table to refill my SUPERBIGGULPSIZEDCUP of Coca-Cola. *cough* *wicked snicker*

Perhaps I should stick to sitting on my hands, mouth taped shut, reading alone. I doubt I'll be asked back. *blush*

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Joe said...

I think you did remarkably well... in the first case you avoided starting a capulets/montagues style feud and in the second you defended the vampire minority class. You should have pointed out how prejudiced she was being - would she acted that way if Edward was a black man who wanted to eat Bella? *wicked snicker*