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December 31, 2011

Elder and Sister Blattman’s Missionary Weekly Journal
December 31, 2011

As the Christmas season approached we stayed pretty busy with ward and class activities. Nancy did a lot of cooking and baking in her tiny oven during the month of December. She made some great treats and the cranberry salsa was a hit everywhere we went. Christmas is a great season for doing kind things for others and many people were especially nice to us as well. We are grateful for the many cards, letters, hugs, and rembrances we received. These really helped us overcome our home sickness. Some of our students are far from home and they hung out later after classes to talk as well. It made us feel good that they wanted to share that time with us.
On the first Sunday in December our Singles Branch was responsible for the main course of the YSA dinner before the Ist Presidency Broadcast. As the YSA advisors we didn’t have a lot to do but help and fret that all would work out. Three young men had car problems so they came to our apartment with us, had snacks, and then rode along with us to and from the dinner & broadcast .
On the third Sunday evening we took a young woman from our building to a sing along performance of Messiah at the stake center. Several members of our classes were either playing in the orchestra or singing in the choir. The chapel was tightly packed with music lovers, the music was beautiful, refreshment were sweet, and the feelings tender that evening.
Here’s some photos of our Christmas zone meeting. We had a class that morning so we got there just in time for the luncheon and talent show.

How quickly a year passes! We were as Matt and Kathy were here that just one year ago they were helping us shampoo carpets and getting the house ready to rent out before we left for the MTC. Matt, Kathy, Daniel and Kylie arrived on the 22nd, Matt’s birthday. We celebrated with a little cake in their hotel room. While they were here we saw a lot of the great city of Philadelphia’s historical landmarks. Here we are at Valley Forge National Park.

Here we are at the Camden, New Jersey, Aquarium. Nancy said, “Jim, stand under that tree and catch some poop!”

Here we are at Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware for the Christmas Day reinactment. The boat is just over Kylie’s head.

Here we are at Constitutional Hall and the Liberty Bell.

Nancy and Ben are very best friends at the Franklin Institute. Daniel is riding the high wire.

Matt and Kathy are watching the fountains at Longwood Gardens. Kylie is putting the scarlet topiary to shame.

Everyone looks happy for the photos!