Monday, November 26, 2007

Dancing with the Stars...finale

Since the writers are on strike, I thought I would have a go at it:
I was thinking this would be more interesting if the partners were monkeys. Or maybe the partners were still humans, but there were live monkeys on the stage that resulted in a fun and hilarious malay of monkeys, high heels, tassels and fur.
Or may be we do away with the monkeys (stage crew may strike if they have to clean up Monkey poopies) and instead we strategically place Ninjas on the stage and brainwash the Ninjas to believe the dancing stars are a threat. "Slice, Dice, and Cha Cha and Shimmies in to fun!"
Ok Ok, so Ninjas may not be the best route, but I am sure there is some way we can make this show worthwhile to watch...


Matt Blattman said...

What are you smoking????

katblat said...

Don't tell me were rooting for Marie??

Surely not Mel!? *snicker, snort*

In typical Kathy Blattman fashion...I missed the ENTIRE season, and tuned in for the last show. It's easier this way. You get a recap of the highlights, and you didn't have to endure the entire season.

I thought Helio was darling. Marie's doll dance, while cute, was something she should have done during week ONE. (or at the very least, when he *wound her up*....she should have come to life. Her Frankensteining across the stage was distracting. And her constant tears were a bit schmaltzy)

Monkeys would be an interesting addition....but how would they look in a backless dress? *wicked snicker* ~ Kat

willblatt said...

I'm not sure what to watch now that the only show with scantly clad women that I'm encouraged to watch is done...

SarahPyrah said...

I have to admit I tired of Marie over this season's show. She cried about EVERYTHING ( and so did Donny)! And she had so little range of motion that there was little dancing and a lot of theater.
But good for her...I guess :)