Monday, July 28, 2008


We have finally moved. Bet some of you thought we were making up this whole house business. I'll try that next time (if there is a next time), but better. I'll drive you all by some mansion and explain that we are in the process of buying it. We'll even look through the windows if you like. It could be fun.

Anywho, here is our new contact information. We are even farther out in the boonies. So much that calling Reno or our cell phones is long distance. Lame.

207 Gordon Way
Dayton, NV 89403
(775) 241-0531

We are still getting settling in. When I unpack all the boxes (who knew we had so much crap) I will post pictures.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Surviving Nursery and living to talk about it

Today I was incharge of the Nursery lesson. Which translates to 2 minutes of rhetorical questions and praying for responses, and responses that have something remotely to do with the topic. Followed by lots of coloring.
The topic was on Families Can Be Together Forever. The younger ones were unable to form coherent responses to questions due to the handfuls of cracker fishies in their mouths. The older ones were just trying to out do each other "I have a Daddy!" "I have a Daddy!" "I have a Daddy!" Each statement rising higher in pitch and escalating in volume.Ironically, I had to jump quickly question to question, in an almost spastic manner, in order to maintain control. Kids seem to love the barade of questions.
I find that most of my behavior might be considered unstable in normal adult social circles. I randomly break into song. Sometimes I do hand plays with the songs and make silly sounds to get their attention.Acting crazy is probably the best part of Nursery. Me, not the kids.

The high point of the two hour block was the outstanding crocidile I made from the green playdough. The little boy I was helping out was highly impressed by me. Personal victory.
The low point was Jakey clinging and wailing at me to hold him. He would hand me the snacks to put in the diaper bag and save for later, ***sigh*** my little chipmunk.

We Have a Blattman Down

Urgent health news. Synnova has contracted the rare disease Jake had a few months ago. We hope it does not spread to the rest of the family.

Yesterday we were riding to the middle school about 1/4 mile away to launch Synnova's first rocket. She was excited to build it at first, then lost interest and then regained interest when it was time to use spray paint and apply the stickers. Needless to say she was excited when she fastened her helmet and hoped on her bike. About 2 blocks into the ride she starts yelling, "Dad, wait up...Dad, wait up...Dad, wait up". Dad was too far ahead to hear and she then started swerving, fell and skidded on the side of her face down the rest of the hill. We were thankful she had on her helmet because it was completely sanded down in the front by the road and saved her skull. Her mouth however was not so fortunate. She now has lips about the size of peanuts. Her crooked tooth is now miraculously straight due to the fact that only half of it is there. Her permanent tooth in the front is chipped badly and we see the dentist tomorrow.

She was mortified at the the thought of having her hamburger face posted on the blog, so refer back to Jake's post a few weeks back and imagine that on Synnova's lips. I hope to have pictures in a few days. We'll see if I can coax it out of her.

Until then everyone BIKE SAFELY AND ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET! It saves lives.

Friday, July 25, 2008

In the News

'Last lecture' professor dies of cancer
Randy Pausch, famed for his life-affirming message, passes at 47

I was impressed by the thoughts and expressions of this one individual and touched by how his wishes to spread love and knowledge to his children was embraced by milions of people.

Happy Birthday Christopher

Happy Birthday, Babe
Love Ya

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Such a Lemming...

I joined the increasing number of people who read the Twilight series.
I read books 1 and 2 in a matter of 48 hours (broken up by segments of eating, going to the bathroom and sleeping). Much to the dismay of my husband, this consumed my time. I had to wait an agonizing 10 days to receive book 3 and devoured it in 24 hours (again - broken up by segments of eating, going to the bathroom and sleeping).

I really enjoyed the series and the writing style of the author. She was simplistic but at the same time could bring the visualization of exact charoriography to the characters and story. It has been a long time since I have read a book that played like a movie in my head.

I was, however, a little disappointed by the ending of book 3. I was looking for mor info and finalization. I can only anticipate the final book #4 Breaking Dawn.

I also can't wait to read the story from Edward's perspective: Midnight Sun Chapter 1 .

The part of this whole thing is that I started reading I don't have to be such a hypocrite to my kids when I force them to read each day, I can read my book too.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Belated 4th of July Fun

OK, so our 4th of July events are a little slow getting posted, but we do have pictures to prove it! We went on a 10 mile hike with the kids in tow and everyone was accounted for by the end. Around mile 6 we thought we might have to leave Synnova to the bears, but she made it amongst the complaints of "MY FEET HURT". Both kids were real troopers. Henry walked/ran about 1.5 miles on his own and then rode in the pack the rest of they way. Everyone we went past said, "He has the best seat" or some comment like that. ha, ha, ha. There were a few miles that Henry insist I carry him in the pack to which Dan was utterly embarrassed when people passed and saw his wife was carrying his 2 year old in the pack while Dan enjoyed his leisurely hike.

It was hard comparing this hike to hiking in Nevada. We had shade the entire way. The weather was perfect. It did get a little hot by the end. The Rhododendruns were in bloom. There was shade. We hiked along a creek. There was shade. It was lovely.

We hiked to the top of the tallest waterfall in South Carolina (which isn't that tall considering the tallest peak isn't that tall, but still it was impressive), which has a suspension bridge crossing it (Nancy you would have died). We walked across the bridge, which plummeted a few hundred feet down on one side. It was exciting! Here are pictures of us at the falls just above the big falls and crossing the bridge.

We'll take anyone who visits with us next time. At any season it is a nice hike.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthdays

Just wanted to wish Dan, Dad and Negin a Happy Birthday! I am late as usual, but was thinking of each of you on your day!
Hope you had a great day!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Turn up your volume!

If you haven't already discovered it, I have added a playlist. So for your enjoyment you can listen to some tune-age while you browse the blog.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Happy 32nd Birthday Sarah-Beara!
Hope it's a happy one and full of fun. Thanks for all your great work on the family blog. We love it. You turned out all right for a baby born in the old stone Indian hospital in Owyhee. So put your feet up, turn on the ole big screen to "The Office", fill your Maverik mug up with lots of Dr. Pepper, and sit back and enjoy this milestone of your life. Remember the best is yet to come!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Contact Info

Now that we're settled in, here's our updated contact info:

Matt & Kathy Blattman
Skogsbrynet 10
97 596 LuleƄ
We installed an internet phone with a Texas phone number:
Just dial like you would as if we were in Texas!

Life's Little Pleasures

In response to Will's query, I offer this photo. Notice the X-Box, corn tortillas, salsa, peanut butter, real Heinz ketchup, DVD's, and plasma TV. Though the consistency of the peanut butter is not exactly what Kathy would like or expects, at least it IS peanut butter, unlike Brazil where we had nothing like it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Just wondering

To the Matt Blattmans,

When should we send the peanut butter, tortillas, and American music? We weren't sure what its like over there and the last time you moved out of the country those were necessities. Just wondering,

The San Diego Blattmans

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No imploding on my watch

I laughed when I watched these and I NEEDED a laugh...otherwise I thought I might implode.

I got to thinking that others may need a laugh and thus I would save others from imploding.

That is all

retired, released, and rehired

Nancy told me it was my job to tell everyone about this hare-brained adventure because everyone thinks I'm going through some mid-life crisis. I could tell from the look on Jake's face when I told him our plans that he thought I was crazy or something weird was happening between Nancy and I. So, if Sarah doesn't mind I'll steal a little space on Sarah's Blattfam.

I just accepted a job today in Pinedale, Wyoming. We drove up there for an interview on Monday and Nancy wasn't much impressed with Pinedale but I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The town is something like Taylor, Arizona, put high up in the mountains. It has a nice little high school of about 350 students. Classes are very small. My physics class will have between 4 and 8 students. The pay is very good and the district provides insurance for both of us.

Nancy will stay here for the time being and I'll drive back here as often as possible. She's a little nervous about another hair-brained adventure but we'll take it as it comes.

1. Are you splitting up or planning to announce something weird?
As Big Bill Clinton would say, "Define weird." Just kidding.
Nancy and I have never been more in love than we are now. We are going to find it very difficult to be separated weeks at a time. I am temporarily working in another town. It just happens to be in another state and a 9 hour drive away.
2. Is this a mid-life crisis?
Thank you, I hope so. That would put our longevity at about 116 years.
3. Why are you doing this?
I suppose we all work for money. Beyond that it is a very sweet job in a beautiful location. And even further beyond, if Nancy and I want to serve a mission, travel to see our kids, and live it up in our declining years we need some more cash. Wyoming is offering cash without state income tax.
4. Can we still come for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any time we want?
It depends on what goodies you are bringing.
5. How about Cousin's camp?
We may say mean things to our children but there's no joking about the grandbabies. Cousin's camp will be on the calendar just as soon as State Farm sends it out.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Jessica's jumped on the blogging band wagon. She's not real sure what she wants to blog about but is excited to do it none the less.