Tuesday, November 6, 2007

We're off to see the Wizard

The Arizona Pyrahs, formally of Iowa; formally of Idaho; soon to be Nevada residents, are off to Nevada this weekend. This trip has two parts. We are going up to see the new addition to the Light family and attend the blessing. Second objective is to find a home. We are looking at some sites and have a realtor lined up to help us out. Chris has been thoroughly, mental - I mean methodical on picking the right places to see and preparing for this decision. I, on the other hand, am very tactially oriented. I am anxious to see, smell, touch, and taste to make my decision. The reality is that we have been trying very diligently to make sure that we are prepared. Both temporally and spiritually. I don't think it was selfishly that we are trying so hard - you know just for the heavens to open up and pour out some blessings sort of thing, but really just so we are equipped for the choices and consequences that come our way. I have faith that the Lord will guide us, but I won't be naive to say there may be some trials along the way. I guess all this deep thinking is a result of my RS lessons these last few months. The Lord is really trying to teach me some lessons.I wondered if you might just keep us in your family prayers to help us along this new move. We truely are excited to get closer to family and be able to see, smell, touch, no tasting (that's gross) some familiar faces soon.


willblatt said...

Overheard on Sarah and Chris's trip.... "Chris, come over and taste this dirt, it's way better than that crud in front of that other house... mmmm, Nevada dirt..."

SarahPyrah said...

Turns out, Nevada dirt is a little more substantial than the clay of Arizona. Nevada dirt is good grit.