Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Morgan turns 7

I asked Morgan to put on something "special" for school since it was her birthday (on last friday). This was the "special" outfit she wore.

We were gonna go bowling but plans at the Alley fell through so we improvised with a bowling alley in our house. We made our custom bowling shoes!

Morgan had special cupcakes. Not perfect, but definitely a design to work on.

Morgan got a new bike so that she didn't have to ride the small one any more and listen to her mom sing circus music teasing her that she looked like a clown.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Calling all lil Blattman artists

Papa asked my kids for art work. Seems he needs some decorations or good conversation pieces.

I though we should put out an all points bulletin to all the little artists in our clan and ask them to send them to Papa.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Just a sampling...

I know you are about sick of hearing about cupcakes and probably get sick just looking at them. But once Will has our website up and grooving,, we can make you sick there rather than here.... I think I might need a marketing director too....

We, Heath'ah and I made about 150ish cupcakes last week and 36 more this week. I am excited to make Morgan's b-day cupcakes that look like bowling stay tuned for pics of those.

We made some connections in the professional community last week and our info is being passed around as it appears cupcakes are a good yummy for office staff. And we rounded up 3 new orders.

I like saying our new name as follows "What the Cup, Cake?!!?!?" Joey is to credit for pushing us to make the name and website and email all the same. so good to have good minds around us.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Update on Singing

Well, the singing went relatively well in sacrament meeting. Just a minor mishap when jacob got hold of the microphone.
I was gonna dial you, Will, just before stepping on the stand, but decided that I would only screw it up and so I didn't.

At the end of the meeting, the Counselor thanked the "Pyrah family Choir", yikes....

In the words of Phineas and Ferb, "we are strickly a one hit wonder..."

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The best show in town, not under the big top

Come one, Come all, to the greatest show on earth. Be entertained, be shocked and horrifiably amazed....guaranteed to be fun!
That's right, the Chris and Sarah Pyrah family has been asked to sing in church on Sunday.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm MAD and I'm Not gonna take it anymore

I just wanted to update everyone who was on pins and needles to know what might have happened today at my McDonalds appt. ( I think I heard an echo or crickets when I said "everyone").
I had various images on how this might go, so last night I dug my receipt out of the trash just in case.
One scenerio played out where I was put in a room and grilled under lights "Ve want names! Ve 'ave vays of making you taulk!"
Another was they were going to bring out the drive up attendent and make her apologize to me and then fire her on the spot. Oh the horror and embarrassment.
But it was actually a pleasant appointment. The owners (husband and wife) came out front and immediately asked me to pick out lunch free of charge. I am not a real fan of McDonald's but Jakey was excited to have some MORE nuggets, so they gave him a happy meal.
The wife went in to the register and handed me $15. I was slowly (that's right I suck at math) doing the math in my head and thought that sounded too much. The husband came up front and handed me $10. Ah yes, math done, $10 is right. So I handed back the $15 and explained I thought it was too much. (Maybe that was another test...). They were nice and asked me to come back again and let them know if there was ever another issue and even gave me their card.
All is well in McDonald land and capitalism rages on.
Sometimes, I feel like I have a sign on my head that says "Charge me much more than the price tag...".

I have had 5 incidents were I was charges more than the tag or advertised price. We are totalling $2.25 from Walmart, $13 from JOann's and now $10 from McDonalds.
The last one was McDonalds, and not till I got home did I realized I was charged for qty 2 twenty piece nuggets, but only received qty 2 ten piece nuggets.

Let's pause this story to clarify that these nuggets were not all for me, but rather for 4 children and me. I thought I was saving money by skipping the happy meals and just getting the nuggets.

Back to the issue at hand. Once home and realizing the issue, I tried to call the McDonalds with the phone # on the receipt and it just rang with no answer. So I started to get a little razzed. I pulled up the McDonald's website and emailed them on the issue:

Comment: Order was placed and paid for qty 2 twenty piece nuggets and 2 large fries totalling $18.85. At the drive thru window I was first given the wrong order and then return this order. I then was given my order. Upon returning home, I found we had been given Qty 2 ten piece nuggests and 2 large fries. I tried repeatedly to reach the store but no answer on the phone.I would like a refund of the overpayment for the product not received.

I tried to be a non confrontational as possible but direct to the point. As a result I got a call today from the OWNER of the McDonald's location. And he asked for me to meet him tomorrow at the store and he would be willing to give me a refund.

I feel like a crabby lady, but I just don't like throwing my money away. If I was given too much change, I would give it back. Why wouldn't I ask for the same honesty from the store?

Friday, February 6, 2009

when we are bored...we get silly

it was all fun until I found one WAY up Jake's nose.

I thought we were going to have to make that legendary trip to the Dr. to say my kid has {insert name of various object} up his nose.
I am now thankful Jake learned to blow his nose last month when he was sick.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Trip to Portland

We decided to make some stops on the way home and take some pictures. Below is the pictures of Mt. Shasta from the Highway. We eventually went right up next to it.

This is a picture I took just cause I liked the mossy trees and it was an interesting image with the church.

This is just another one with playing with the focus on the image in the foreground and then the focus on the image in the background.