Monday, June 28, 2010

Just because we don't know how to say Arboretum, doesn't mean we aren't classy enought to bust a move while we are there.....

a day at the abororoumnumtomy....

We spent a day at San Rafeal Park with Max, Luke, and Heather. We were not able to observe the "quiet recreation" of the arbore...arbarum...arba...the nature trails.

Max really liked this girl's bike, even going as far as stroking the streamers hanging from her handle bars. But her dad came over to diffuse the negotiation over the bike.

putting the "nature" in nature trails
Just building immune systems while at the park.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ohhhh, what do you do in the summertime,

when all the world is green.
Do you fish in a stream or lay on the banks and lazily dream as the clouds go by?
Is that what you doooo? So do I!
Do you swim in a pool, to keep yourself cool, or swing in a tree up high?
Is that what you doooo? So do I!
Do you march in a parade or drink lemonade or count the stars in the sky
Is that what you doooo? So do I!

Decide I would keep the kids busy this summer with something to do each day. I even got them each a little book to keep the pictures in and color or write.
I think it was more for me to have proof that they were not bored and put the kabosh on the "there is nothing to doooooo" whine.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

77 things to do this summer day 15-28

Day 15 – Grow a sunflower
Sunflowers are fun to plant because they sprout in about a week, even though it takes a while for them to reach their full height.
Day 16 – Have your kids start a journal
Set aside ten minutes each day for them to write in their journals, and keep up on it through the whole summer.
Day 17 – Pet Cam
Have your child follow around your dog or cat with a camera and see the world from your pet’s point of view
Day 18 – Be chef for a day
Teach your kids to cook a meal. It can be as simple as a peanut butter sandwich for young children, or a casserole or roast for older children.
Day 19- Host an Olympics
Get together with other parents and create a Summer Olympics for all the kids on your block. Te kids can help create different races and events; let them spend a few days “training” and then let the games begin.
Day 20 – Grow butterflies
For $20 dollars you r kids can watch the life cycle of a butterfly in your own home. Go to to purchase a live butterfly garden.
Day 21 – Make an anything goes lunch
For just one day, invite your family to have anything and everything they want for lunch.
Day 22 – Play American Idol
Let your kids spend hours performing their songs and routines to their favorite tunes. Record them and watch them for the next FHE
Day 23 – Play with bubbles
Let your kids make their own bubbles and wands. Also, using powdered tempera paints, dish detergent, and liquid starch, you can make colorful bubbles.
Day 24 – Hold a no-electricity day
Pull the plugs on all your electronics and drag out the board games, have a picnic in your backyard, and spend some time together the old fashioned way. Use candles at night instead of overhead lights.
Day 25 – Enjoy fresh fruit
Different fruits will be available at different times during the summer, so do your homework. Check to see if there is a kid friendly farm in your area or look for a farmer’s market.
Day 26 – Use Workbooks
Many stores sell workbooks that help kids stay on top of their math and reading. Have them do a page a day and reward them with their favorite treat when they finish a book.
Day 27 – Attend a concert in the park
Many cities have a series of free concerts during the summer months, and they often feature many different kinds of music
Day 28 – Go Fish
Grab some fishing poles and head for the nearest lake or stream.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Container Garden

The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden

The prophet said to plant a garden, so that’s what we’ll do.
For God has given rich brown soil, the rain and sunshine too.
And if we plant the seeds just right and tend them carefully,
Before we know, good things will grow to feed our family.

We’ll plant the seeds to fill our needs, then plant a few to spare,
And show we love our neighbors with the harvest that we share.
Oh, won’t you plant a garden, too, and share the many joys
A garden brings in health and love to happy girls and boys!

Monday, June 7, 2010

77 Things to do this summer - Days 1-14

Days 1-14

Day 1 – Have a pajama day
Start the summer right by letting the kids relax. Make a favorite breakfast, watch cartoons, and enjoy a day of relaxation.
Day 2 – Have a treasure hunt
Hide the clues and include a box of their favorite treats at the end. If it’s a particularly hot day, “X” marks the spot on the popsicles in your freezer.
Day 3 – Grow a Garden
Have your kids be in charge of a plant that water and care for daily.
Day 4 – Hold a family reading competition
Challenge each other to read a certain amount of books before the summer ends, either aloud and together or individually, and then reward yourselves with a fun trip or other family activity if you succeed. Make a simple chart to show progress.
Day 5 – Make a summer to do list
Have your kids cover a poster board with all the things they want to do this summer, and have them put a box next to each idea so they can check it off when finished.
Day 6 – Learn a new skill
Ever wanted to ballroom dance, do yoga, or learn to decorate a fancy cake? Take a class as a family. Many are available through community colleges and private studios
Day 7 – Create water bottle holders
Craft are always a great way to keep kids occupied, and this one is perfect for helping your summer outings. Go to to find this craft.
Day 8 – Host a car wash
Let your kids choose if they want to offer their services free to your neighborhood, or if they think they are professional enough to charge money. Let the kids save their earnings for a fun trip or activity.
Day 9 – Buy a YMCA or community center pass
Kids enjoy having the freedom to learn and try different things, and pass will definitely give them the opportunity to do that. Your younger kids will enjoy attending one of their many day camps, which will give you free time to relax and enjoy your summer, too.
Day 10 – Fly a kite
This has been a family favorite since before Mary Poppins. Have your kids make their own kites.
Day 11 – Knit bandages for leprosy victims
Encourage your kids to serve by teaching them how to knit or crochet bandages for leprosy victims. Plenty of internet sites five instructions for knitting and directions for donating, such as
Day 12 – Just add water
Take traditional games or sports and give them a wet, summery twist. Try water balloon volleyball - you can fling the balloons over the net with towels. Or try sponge tag or water limbo with a garden hose.
Day 13 – Take a library trip
Libraries offer many programs and activities during the week that are fun for kids as young as three.
Day 14 – Make frozen treats
Frozen fruit smoothies are simple and nutritious ways to get creative with your kids. Blend together yogurt and milk and your choice of frozen fruit. Or find a recipe on the internet for ice cream in a bag.

Stay tuned for more ideas....
(LDS LIviing May June 2010 Issue)