Monday, December 31, 2007


So I was intent on not picking up my laptop while on vacation because the temptation to work was too much. But unfortunately it also meant that I was a slacker on posting best wishes to Matt on his birthday and Jake and Toni for their anniversary. But I think I sufficiently made up for it by allowing them to win at Scrabble once or twice. The things I do for my family...

At any rate, it has been a wonderful year for our family. Both our small unit and the family at large ( No, Matt, that was not another "fat" comment ). We played games with our kids tonight while we had a feast of snacks. Even Jacob got into the spirit as he sat up to the table and muttered inaudibles while slamming bananas. Then we adjourned to the parlor for a movie. It is 10:04 and Morgan is out. She explained that she could not wait any longer and had to go to sleep. Emily is still awake and intent on staying up till Midnight to exclaim "Happy New Year", as she puts it "like those people in New York who stand in the street and watch the fireworks".

Hope this new year finds you happy and well and treats you good, because you deserve it.
I am suppose to start using the elliptical machine this new year, we'll see...

love ya
Sister Sarah

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