Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Righteous Never Rest

Ok, so Dan told me to write this first because he says it is more important. He is just embarrassed and humble. So, I am writing it first. We found a turtle in our yard yesterday. It was a small box turtle and had its head sticking up and was heading over to the flower beds. We haven't seen him since.

We had a great vacation and a flight home without vomit!! Yeah!! Thanks to everyone who housed us and ate with us and played with us. We loved seeing you all. It made us wish we lived closer!

When we were getting into our car at the airport Dan received a call from a counselor in our Stake Presidency and wanted to meet with us 8:30am (mind you that is 5:30 Pacific time with which we were used to). So, we dragged ourselves and the kids out of bed, got ready, drove to the church to find out Dan is the next 1st counselor in our bishopric. Welcome home! Then we went back home, picked up the truck so I could take the kids home after church and we haven't seen him since (of course we saw him in sacrament meeting on the stand). We are excited for Dan to have this calling. I know our family will grow and we will be blessed.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Movin in

So we moved in FINALLY on Saturday. There are still some minor items to be fixed by the builder, but the fact that we are together again is all that matters.

We went to church on Sunday and coming in late due to some construction. We found a soft seat right in the middle just after the opening prayer. And just in time for the Bishop to read our records to the congregation.
Interesting enough, we are in the same ward that a brother served with Matt in Elder's Quorum and Matt was his home teacher. And Morgan's primary teacher new Kathy from about 10 years ago in a ward, not sure which one.

The house is great and feels so much bigger than we thought it would be. I am unpacking slowly so to prolong the new feeling. I unpack about 3 boxes a day and have stickies on drawers and doors planning where everything will go.

It feels good to be home


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bad Parents, Naughty Mommy, Naughty Daddy

I am in Austin this week until Friday and Chris is in Reno this week.
The kids are with Nana (Papa is camping)...
I feel like such a bad mommy, miss my kids so much!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Cousins Camp 2008

Clean up camp
Head out to the Emigrant Trail
Remember canteen, hat and sunscreen
Trail Bingo

LUNCH at High Noon back at the Homestead
Head to the church for Square Dancing and social 1:30PM

Back at the Homestead – Horseshoe craft 3:00PM
All hand to help clean up
Wash face and comb hair
Variety show and Fireside chat
•Talent Show
Lights out 10PM

Cousins Camp 2008

Clean up camp
Head out to Thompson’s Ranch
Remember canteen, hat and sunscreen

LUNCH at High Noon on the Ranch
Head back to camp
Ranch Hand Rodeo – begins at the ring of the bell! On the front 40 Acres

More Ranch Hand Rodeo

All hand to help clean up
Wash face and comb hair
Family Quiz Game and Crazy Aunt Sarah games
Lights out 10PM

Cousins Camp 2008

WELCOME! Get Settled in
•Activities and Theme
•Where to wash up, etc
•Picture Taking

Potato Brands 11:00AM
LUNCH at High Noon
Aunt Pam’s Crafty Corner 1:30 PM

All hand to help clean up
Wash face and comb hair
Lippizanner Stallions 6:30PM the wagons roll out
Smores around the campfire
Lights out 10PM

Monday, June 9, 2008

Last of the Vacation Pics

We are at This is the Place State Park

If you are all tired of our vacation pics you can shout "Yipee" as this is the last of them. My dad took a few hundred pictures the week we were here. Needless to say he is just as bad as Willie. He does lots of artsy fartsy shots. It is handy to have him around as I don't have to bring my camera and he takes far better pictures than I. Henry wouldn't get on the horse and first until he saw Synnova on it. Then he had to get on and loved it!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Retirement

Here's wishing a Happy Retirement to Mr. Blattman, JimBo, Dad, Papa, Grandpa Jim, or any other name we know him to go by...

36 years of teaching!
Looks like it is time to kick back and do some fishin...or was that mission?

Chris and I took Jim and Nanc to dinner and presented a music card from "ALL of your kids" and a bottle of sparkling cider to christen the pontoon on its maiden voyage.

When I said there was another reason we had asked him to dinner, I saw the fear in his eyes like I was going to ask for money. Dad was surprised and touched that we would think of him.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Nature City

Yesterday we rode the new train from Odgen to SLC and then went to the Children's Museum at Gateway. Today we visited Ogden Nature Center and saw a lot of deer here are some pics. It was a great spot for easy hiking and lots of nature. Synnova caught the frog from a pond with her bare hands. Wow!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


We'll the kids and I are officially on vacation. We have been in Ogden for the past week. We took Synnova out of school early (she is missing the three, 1/2 days of school, what a joke) and she rubbed it in all her classmates face last week. True Blattman style. So, we have gone from high 80 degree weather with 50%+ humidity to cloudy, rainy, 60 degree weather. Soooo nice! Here are some pictures so the poor bachelor at home can see all the fun we are having. See you cowpokes next week!

Monday, June 2, 2008

A passing of the guard

I spoke to Brother Bollingbrook last night while at the Seminary graduation.
He wanted me to let Dan know that there is a 6 years statutes of limitations on the Ping Pong Champions board. That being the case, Dan's name was solemnly removed from the board.

Important Health News


Since this is a genetic disorder that affects everyone in our family, could you post it on the blog for me please.I haven't been feeling well lately and went to see the doc who then sent me to a specialist. After an afternoon of blood samples, pokes, prods and tests he came back with a diagnosis. It wasn't good. I have some genetic disorder ( I couldn't pronounce the name) that causes veins to come to the surface of the skin and then additional thinning of the dermis layers. Much like the varicose veins dad had but much worse. They ran a graphical computer simulation of how it will affect me in the next years. Attached is the computer generated print out of 6 months and 1 year into the disease . For the Blattman spouses, you should all hep your loved one watch out for the symptoms as they can come on suddenly.

Love you all


At 6 months

at 12 Months