Monday, November 5, 2007

Grant in action (well sort of...)

I realize now, watching Grant play football, that I was never really as good as I thought I was at his age. I remember thinking how special I probably was, and that soon my coach would undoubtedly see my special football talents, and the NFL scouts would not be too far off. Don't get me wrong, Grant is starting at 6 (and doing reasonably well), while I didn't really start until 10 or 11, but there are certain similarities that make it too clear to ignore the resemblence.

First, we both play(ed) the same position - left end. It now occurs to me that this is the footbal equivalent of left field. The dissused reliquary for kids that are not quite clear on what it is they are supposed to be doing at any given time during the game. Second, I remember the hesitancy for impact (at least initially - until I got to like it) that is quite apparent in Grant. This tends to be a slight problem in a lineman. Finally, and I must point out that Grant is much younger than I was when I played and that he is also the only first grader on a team of 2nd and 3rd graders, Grant has a sense that his talents are lurking somewhere just below the surface, and at any moment they will emerge and the NFL scouts that happen to come to Dayton Elementary will be dazzled for sure.


SarahPyrah said...

Go get um Grant! Auntie Syrup is cheering for you!

willblatt said...

As Han Solo once said, "everybody gets delusions of grandeur". We seem to be prime candidates in this clan.