Friday, October 19, 2007

Parent Teach Conferences

Chris and I went to Parent Teach conferences last night for Emily (2nd Grade) and Morgan (K-garten). Sometimes you walk in holding your breath and thoughts of strange stuff your kids do at home that you pray they did not do at school. Case in point: Morgan likes to fart and claim it, and Emily likes to read aloud VERY Dramatically.
Both are doing fine academically and the teachers gave us some good advice on how to help them get over some conceptual hiccups. Not the ones to be confused with cures of glasses of water, plugging noses, or eating peanut butter.
Both teachers complimented our kids on their kindness to others, their ability to make friends, and their focus to work. Morgan's teacher said that she loves to do projects and won't give up till it is done. Emily's teacher said similar statements.

I was very proud of them. "Their Mama [and Daddy] done brought them up right".

I told Chris that he and I are "done" and "programmed", not much you can change about us. The kids still have many years left to decide and gather information on who they will become. I just hope they get the right stuff and their firewall is built to block out the poo poo.

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willblatt said...

Did you just use firewall to describe the follow of information into a child's mind? You are sooo techie. Along those same lines, a spam filter would be nice too. It lets in all the good things my wife teaches them and keeps all the cursing and crude humor I expose them to. Hudson and I were disc golfing the other day and I threw a disc in the bushes and muttered an 'aw crap' to myself. You see where this is going. Now when we go disc golfing he mutters aw crap after every throw (maybe he's just lost confidence in my game). Yup, some day people will ask what his dad taught him... I hope that's what he remembers...