Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

First day of school...where does the time go?

Emily is in 4th grade and Morgan is in 2nd grade this year. The school year began July 6th. Short summer, but we will have a wonderful break in Sept.

Emily was a bit jittery that day and asked me to stand with her in line and take a walk to see where her classroom door was, etc. I was surprised that my independent little energy bug was so nervous.

However, Morgan also surprised by telling me that she thought it best if I did not wait with her in line because I was embarrassing...(humph)

Catching up

We had a great 4th of July. Celebrated in the morning by cleaning up our rooms and house....or maybe celebrated isn't the right word...
But after lunch we headed to the new outdoor Mall by Scheels to putz around with some friends from out Ward. We ended up playing the shoot um up games in Scheels and playing in the fountains in the outdoor mall. The kids got some face painting done and that seemed "so 4th of July" per Emily.
We headed home for BBQ and yard games. I mostly just laid on the grass and watched, Lazy Mommy.
Then at dark (9pm) we headed to the Scheel's parking lot to watch the fireworks above the Nugget towers. Morgan made it through half and then disappeared into the car to snooze. I was nearly successful in eating a whole grocery bag of carmel corn myself. I was inspired by the Hot Dog eating contest we watched on ESPN, and I think I will be ready next year.

We had been the receipients of dinner from a lovely family and decided to give a gift back with this home made gum ball machine...tasty and the kids helped paint and put together!