Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Missionary Moment

I want to share an spiritual experience if I might. The store manager I work with, George Page, is not LDS, but his wife and kids are. They live on a street with five houses, all belonging to George's wife's family members (her dad gave them all an acre to build on). George is great guy, very humble, loves his family, talks about them often. I have become good friends with George over the past 4 months. His son Chad was called to a mission in Recife, Brazil in June. Naturally, George wanted to know from me all about Brazil and my mission experiences. So over the last 4 months I have been to his house, and talking at work about these experiences. Last night they set Chad apart at their home. He left today for the MTC in Sao Paulo. George invited me to this occasion, so I decided to pop in for a moment around 7 pm last night. I had no intention of butting in on their family moment, but from the moment I arrived until the Stake President showed up at 9 pm (they thought he was going to be early) I felt as one part of their family. George kept dissappearing at times, I found out later he was watching the MNF game (Dolphins Fan). Before they set Chad apart, George and his wife said a few words. All of Chad's uncles then got up into the circle to set him apart. I took a chair and sat down to watch. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Chad's grandma motioning me vigorously to get in the circle, I then noticed Chad peak around one of his uncles and motion me in. I wasn't exactly dressed for the part. But, none the less, I stood in. After the prayer, Chad hugged his mom, then grandma, then uncles, then to my surprise, he gave me a hug. At this point holding back tears was futile. Then, the stake president asked George to give the closing prayer as they all knelt down to pray. I found out earlier that in sacrament meeting the day before, George had given the closing prayer for the first time (Chad spoke), which was a hope that his wife had had for a long time. I told Chad not to worry about his parents because the Lord will work miracles with his family over the next two years.

I told George afterwards that it's times like these that are like fueling up at the gas station. He said, "ya, like the trainings we get through the Home Depot Training center!" I thought to myself, "close, but it's a little different ;)" Someday I know he will know what that feeling is.

Love you all

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