Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year, Schmew Year

"It is okay to visit your past just don't bring any luggage with you"
I saw this quote and just felt it was appropriate for the New Year. Luggage comes in all sizes and can carry an amazing amount of items in all shapes and sizes. Some are like items we feel are useful. Others are items we wish we didn't have to carry, like our dirty socks. When we travel we use luggage to keep our items safe and private. Who really wants to be staring at your undies and reversely, you have to ask if you really want to see what other people have in their luggage.....

At any rate, that is my New Year's resolution: I am going to travel light. Leave as much as I can in 2007 that was weighing me down (luggage has a 50 lbs limit when traveling) and remember to pick up a few souvenirs in 2008 that I can just take as carry ons. And what I can't fit in the small bag I take, I am going to leave it behind. That way I only carry the things that matter and make sense.

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