Friday, January 4, 2008

Weddings... Greek style

So Jessica's sister got married yesterday. The reception was at a local country club and it was relatively normal. That is until they made us greek dance. Now, to start with, I'm no Fred Astaire, but as soon as you add on an extra level of complexity from Greece, I've got no hope. Luckily, the dance wasn't too complicated; basically, you just set to the side and then kick to the left and then the right (think the rockettes but in a circle). Lets just say I need to apologized to all the people around me that I kicked relentlessly.

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SarahPyrah said...

So now when Hudson tells you in a whining pre-pubescent manner that his Junior High School folk dancing has no real life use, you can reply that you have in fact used said folk dancing in certain occassions!
I love being a parent :)