Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just another day in the life of Heather

I share this little antecdote with the people who will enjoy it the most... at my expense.

So last night I went visiting teaching and took Max with me. The lady we visited is a nice lady (actually she seems to hate me at church, but was real nice last night) who works with the Indian tribe in Reno. She, of course, wanted to hold Max immediately. As she was bouncing him on her knee she said, "I've been meaning to ask you..." Then as she made a circular motion around Max's face, "...what nationality is this??" I sort of chuckled nervously. Backtracking she said, "Well I mean, he looks very much like an Indian baby or maybe Mexican." Then she went on to explain how her baby was also very hairy and the hair just never went away, especially on her butt.

Well, we love our little "ethnic baby" (also a comment from someone at church) just the same.


SarahPyrah said...

maybe you get additional tax and medical benefits if you claim him as Indian or mexican....

Heather stinks said...

Well some would say he would be Pakistani, or Indian, or somewhere in the Himalaya. I think I would lean toward the north american primate.