Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Other Party's Election

Will may be having his election ... (sorry, laughed a little as I said that with a stereotypical Chinese accent)... but our primary has been decided. On Monday morning, I'll turn my notice into Cemex, announcing my resignation effective Feb 15, 2008. My first day on the job will be Feb 18 with Northland Resources. We'll eventually move the whole family to Sweden, probably around June/July. We will live in Lulea, Sweden and my new job is Senior Manager - Engineering.

We're all excited, a little nervous, and now trying to figure out what we've done. Selling or storing nearly everything we own... we will have a house, 2 cars, big screen TV and other misc items up for sale. Let us know if you need anything! We will announce more details as soon as we know more.


SarahPyrah said...

Wow, I have some wave of emotions (plural) thinking about this! happy, sad, nervous, jealous...and on and on. How long is the contract in Sweden?
I think we need to arrange a family bon voyage party before you all go to Sweden!

Guano & Associates said...

Thanks Sarah...

No contract, no required stay with the company, the only stipulation was that I gave 3-month's notice. If I quit, I'll have to find my own way home. If I lose my job or get bought out, then we get a paid ticket home. So, at this point, we're looking at 5 years and then see what happens after that.

Party sounds like fun to me!

Heather stinks said...

To the Seneeur Muneger - Ingeeneering.

Now say it like a swede or atleast a swedish chef-

Veell mey be-a hefeeng hees ilecshun ... (surry, looghed a leettle-a es I seeed thet veet a stereutypeecel Cheenese-a eccent)... boot oooor preemery hes beee deceeded. Bork bork bork! Oon Mundey murneeng, I'll toorn my nuteece-a intu Cemex, unnuoonceeng my reseegneshun iffffecteefe-a Feb 15, 2008. My furst dey oon zee jub veell be-a Feb 18 veet Nurthlund Resuoorces. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Ve'll ifentooelly mufe-a zee vhule-a femeely tu Svedee, prubebly eruoond Joone-a/Jooly. Bork bork bork! Ve-a veell leefe-a in Loolea, Svedee und my noo jub is Seneeur Muneger - Ingeeneering.

Ve're-a ell ixceeted, a leettle-a nerfuoos, und noo tryeeng tu feegoore-a oooot vhet ve'fe-a dune-a. Selleeng oor stureeng neerly iferytheeng ve-a oovn. Bork bork bork!.. ve-a veell hefe-a a huoose-a, 2 cers, beeg screee TF und oozeer meesc items up fur sele-a. Let us knoo iff yuoo need unytheeng! Ve-a veell unnuoonce-a mure-a deteeels es suun es ve-a knoo mure-a.

Heather stinks said...

I'll give you 10 bucks for the CR-V.

Guano & Associates said...'ve got wayyyyyy too much time on your hands. Go cut down a tree or something.

SarahPyrah said...

I will give you $15. I can pay via PayPal

Luv2Fish said...

I won't give you anything for it. I can wait for your decision...Congratulations!