Friday, November 14, 2008

How it all began

Today we celebrate 11 years of blissful marriage.

It all began went Chris and I met a Singles ward party. He wasn't feeling well and was pretty congested.

In the ongoing conversation of about his health, I mentioned that my brother had told me that you should blow your nose in the shower cause all the steam will loosen the mucus in your sinus cavity. Seriously, what boy would not fall in love with any girl who says such alluring things.
(Matt, who know that information would be so crucial!)

Chris says that is when he knew he loved me...

since that day we have been blissfully in love and flem free.


Heather's Pink said...

Chris looks like he is having second thoughts. Dan also has the knack for blowing his nose in the shower. It must have been passed down from brother to brother. But seriously, congratulations you guys!

Guano & Associates said...

It's about time someone in this family gave me credit for all the knowledge that I've passed along. See? That stuff comes in handy!


jessica said...

Wahoo, you broke the decade marker!! Nothing can stop you now.

Negin said...

I am so bad because I just don't get on often enough. Happy ANNIVERSARY. I hope it was a wonderful day!!