Sunday, October 26, 2008

What I've Learned From My Sister

So I took Sarah's roll recipe a couple of weeks ago and made some cinnamon rolls as she suggested. While they were "ok", they weren't perfect but good enough!...a bit of my bad baking skills and a bit of my personal tastes. Tonight after church, I made another batch.
This time, used 1/3 cup of sugar instead of 1/2 cup, added a little more salt. And, then for the cinnamon filling, I used soft butter dusted with nearly straight cinnamon (little to no sugar). Finally, added some chopped pecans before rolling it all up.
We made the same caramel syrup that Sarah suggested but added some pecans. I put the rolls in a buttered pan, dripped just a little bit of the pecan caramel before baking and then put it all in the oven. After baking, we poured the remaining pecan syrup on the hot rolls and let cool.
Better than anything we've ever had at Cinnabon! Thanks Sarah for the recipe!


heatlight said...

I also love to make them even more fattening by making homemade cream cheese frosting to melt over the top- just add cream cheese, a little melted butter, powdered sugar and vanilla to taste. The more calories, the merrier!

SarahPyrah said...

yummy! i will have to try!