Monday, June 20, 2011

June 16, 2011

Elder and Sister Blattman’s Missionary Weekly Journal
June 16, 2011

Mixed Metaphors:

To enter the synagogue I had to cover my head with the Jewish cap called a kippah or yarmulke. Honestly, that doesn’t sound like what the woman called it but Wikipedia has never failed me before. Anyway I got to keep the hat as part of the $10 tour fee.

Nancy may turn violent and hurt someone if the AC doesn’t get fixed in our apartment. One can just imagine the headline: “Missionary Momma Slays Husband in Hot Apartment.” We have been assured that we are ‘on the list’ to get things fixed. On the roof of our apartment building there are some large refrigeration units that cool water which is then pumped through the heating system. Ours and the Elders in the apartment next door haven’t worked yet. “Da pump no worka, gotta geta new pumpa, I tella my boss,” according to Frank, the Italian maintenance man, after he bled out more buckets full of thick sludge this week. We got a couple small AC window units from the mission office but they blow the breakers if we run them together. Fortunately the weather has turned pleasant again.

We watch fireflies shoot up like tiny bottle rockets from the grass as we walk in the evenings. This is a lovely country. We continually appreciate the beautiful foliage of the trees. Everyone has trees in their yards that are gigantic by Nevada standards. The trees and thick shrubbery shield homes from the noise of traffic. Almost immediately after stepping off the busy streets it becomes quiet and pleasant.

We are looking forward to attending the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert next week. We will be taking the Elders from the apartment next door.

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