Thursday, May 14, 2009

What was once stationary

is now my edible art!


Jim said...

I am very impressed with your cupcakes. They are works of edible art. It is pleasing to see you and Heather expressing yourselves so beautifully.

Heather's Pink said...

Wow! Those are amazing. That must have taken forever. Too bad they will be devoured in a second.

Heather's Pink said...

Fleeting works of art that remind us of the frailty of humanity in an unjust and cruel world. At once it is beautiful but left on the counter it is eaten by unappreciative dirty kids who pick their noses and eat dirt. Else it is put away safe to show off but over time rots and becomes putrid to our senses.

Anyway they look good.

jessica said...

It's all about pleasing the eye and gladdening the belly...oh wait is that how the scripture goes in D&C.89. Gladdening the heart through the belly - that is how you get to a man after all right?